Friday, August 21, 2015

***A GAME – AUGUST 21, 2015***

A Waking Soul Walking
A walking Soul Awakening

(With the help of a few of this Journey’s Reflections)


I remember (said the little one within)
When Faith was the only way to realize life.
But lately Faith has taken a beating
In my world.
Faith has been hurled into the
flames of doubt and fear
and there is nothing here around me now
that says that we should walk otherwise…

Except in the shadow
Of Doubt and Despair
To find someone to care has become
A vision of non-reality…
The totality of all illusion
An intrusion on Soul walk has appeared

(and I don’t know how to play the game anymore.)


Has the game gotten easier,
Or cheesier,
Or sleazier since
You began to play by writing?
Remember when it was exciting to face
Your friends and yourself
With words from the
Heart to the page?

When did the stage change?
When did the silly words arrange themselves from a
Source of play
Into the way
We looked at life,
Little soul?
Did you know that living
Would turn out that way?
That what you had to say in fun
Would become a run
Of hellish ways?
Gone are the days
When words
Were simply what they seemed
And not a cloth
To wrap your dreams in…


When we were two
The thing to do
With mom and dad
Was to hear what they had to say
And walk the other way!
To push the envelope
As far as we dared
Before it teared
In delicious ways!

Interesting ways to find
If life worked blindly or
Had a vision that made sense.

Circumstantial evidence,
Most of it anyway.
The day my parents
Thought I was doing okay
Was the day
To play a different game!!!

All the same…
Life somehow found a way
To shut down my
To force me to see
Through the eyes of “reality.”
(A totality of shutting down
The inner me I came to be…)


What would we say
Sweet little soul
If we could throw our young wisdom
Into a bottle to the future...
To our grown up self???
Would IT shelf the simple words
As nonsense not
Worthy of times contemplation?


Would an elation of sorts
Finally dawn in the head
Of one fed up with the game
That has become so unbearable?

What terrible answer
Would we send to shake ONE
From the DREAM?

Seems to me that all we need
Are a few little words

To remind the future me…

((See yourself as you used to…
Innocent – clear –
A dear companion to be around
When no one else is there…

Care enough about you
To be able to love all you are
No matter what!
You deserve it…))


The walk of
A quabillion miles
Begins with just one step…

(Then you take it brave one!)
I am done playing this game
Of Illusion
And I feel I will stay right here
Thank you
Where the clock can just simply
Tick away.
I’m not going to play anymore.
I’ve been searching for
So long on this Journey

And Eternity never seems to appear…
Only past and future matter
And I am not getting any fatter
On eating from their plates.
They are empty and unloving guests
Blessed with the
Of immovable desires.
There is no fire there.

(As we sit, little soul,
Did you notice ETERNITY appear
In the NOW?
How come we never saw that before?
How could we ignore that
The NOW never ends?
Isn’t that what Eternity
Sends us as


I (we) walk over here –
I (we) walk over there-
I (we) care not what happens
Or what gets in the way.
I (we) stay.
I (we) go
And I (we) never seem to
Know a blessed thing.

Except we keep falling
And losing our way.

When you walked as a wee one
Little soul
Your steps were so wobbly
And unsure!
It would have been nice to
Have a cure
For such inability…
But it was too fun to laugh
At your reality right then!
So close to the ground…
You always found a way back up
And away.
You played so beautifully out of balance!

Our trust in you
Always is there.
Your willingness to
Face your imbalances
Is the stairway
To Trust’s success.

Balance will always come
When you leave
Disbelief alone
And find a way up
To walk again on your own.



I’m stuck
(you say…)
No way are you going anywhere
Your let go of your poop
And fill that diaper
Little one!!!

Is it fun
Not letting go
Of the things that slow you down?

I guess I shouldn’t laugh
At this juncture of your path…
I too,
Feel so full of crap
So many days!!!
It stays and it stays and it stays
Until those around me
Are simply exhausted!!!
Ah… this, too, shall pass…

BAG BALM – Deborah

The walk (I must say) Has gotten away
From the course I initially
Thought I pursued.
It has been a bit rude lately.
Downright hurtful
And crazy
And a wee bit on
The confusing side.

I often wish I had
A huge bag of balm
By my side
To reach into and feel
The healing aura
Of it’s ways
When the bruises and pains
Are too hard to bear...

(Beside me, is another carrying
My healing
In the vessel they abide in...
And unknowingly
Striving to keep it as their own
When it works only when they share?)

What am I carrying that they could use?

Why did Life choose
This way to play?
We don’t get our gifts
Until we give them away???


I  see in this dance
I am given the chance to stretch out…
To set doubt aside and
Confide in the wisdom of
Others playing Life’s game.
To see from their eyes!
To realize yet
Another aspect of being…
Of seeing there is so much
More than we could ever hope to conceive…
And so, until we KNOW
We must believe…

In trust unwavering,
I trust in the source
And the savoring they must receive
In helping me learn even more…

So we google the score…

 (kwŏt′ər-nĕr′ē, kwə-tûr′nə-rē)
1. Consisting of four; in fours.
2. Quaternary Of, relating to, or being the period of geologic time from about 2.6 million years ago to the present, the more recent of the two periods of the Cenozoic Era. It is characterized by the appearance and development of humans and includes the Pleistocene and Holocene Epochs. See Table at geologic time.
3. Chemistry Relating to a nonhydrogen atom bonded to four other nonhydrogen atoms, especially to four carbon atoms: a quaternary nitrogen atom.
n. pl. qua·ter·nar·ies
1. The number four.
2. The member of a group that is fourth in order.
3. Quaternary The Quaternary Period.

[Latin quaternārius, from quaternī, by fours, from quater, four times; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]

So, Little soul,
What impresses you most?
(The epoch of Humans
That Earth now will host)
So what do our billions
Of human souls boast?

We will either accept US
Or the whole race is toast…


tet•ra•he•dral (ˌtɛ trəˈhi drəl)

1. pertaining to or having the form of a tetrahedron.
2. having four lateral planes in addition to the top and bottom.

Again with the four
What great truth is in store
In the vision I see
That will work best for me?

I see here a kite
Or a plane that we made
When we played in the schoolhouse
In youthful charade.

The four was a number
we found oft to be
a resonator of balance

so we went out to see
where TRUTH might be hiding,
where FACT might not dare
to damper
the feelings
I (we) found out there…


If the walk of a quabillion miles
Begins with a single step,
It never seems to end.

I can send thought back,
Is the finale found at birth?
I can send thought ahead
Does the finale end
At death?

I (we) sense an illusion
An intrusion
On this dream
Called Earth Life.

This Eternal walk
That never seems to end
When I learn to walk that way.

Still, I (we) have to say
That to stop for a while
To take it all in
Is a blessing of sorts…
A time to consort  with my learning.
To turn that which seemed loss
Into gain.
To remain  for a time where I am
And to see

That All of the walk
Is expressed now
As ME.

BKB  8-21-2015   7:44 AM